Steven Machat’s SPIRITUAL INSOMNIA is a game plan for 21st Century government – putting YOU, your family, and the community in charge of your happiness and prosperity. “Spiritual Insomnia” was written to wake us up! This is the mantra that echoes throughout the words of author Steven Machat. Wake up! Action is so vital that the urgency was yesterday. The majority of us are not only physically asleep, but spiritually asleep as well – but not the author. He suffers, enjoys, endures, or simply experiences, Spiritual Insomnia. Machat feels that we do not care enough about our human condition.

Steven Machat, the ever pro-active optimist, tells us we can do it, that we can save ourselves. Spiritual Insomnia is more than an alarm call; it is also an uplifting empowerment, a reassurance that we have what it takes to wake up and to bring about change for ourselves, and for our global community.

Never before has the world of pop and rock music been revealed in all its dazzling and decadent glory by such an authoritative inside figure. Steven Machat has worked with everyone from Donny Osmond to Ozzy Osbourne, and has survived forty years of a crazy life within the entertainment industry,
to tell the stories behind the sounds that have shaped our lives.

‘Off-the-wall. gossipy companion to rockbiz classics The Mansion On The Hill by Fred Goodman and Hit Men by Fredric Dannen – topnotch.’
Mojo Magazine
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Featuring Leonard Cohen, Ozzy Osbourne, Phil Spector,  The Rolling Stones, Whitney Houston, The Bay City  Rollers. Joan Collins, Genesis, Peter Gabriel,  Phil Collins, Micky Mantle,  Michael Jackson, George W. Bush, Suge  Knight, John Waite, David Copperfield,  New Edition, Bizzy  Bone, ELO, Yellowman, Tom Sizemore, Rita Lee,  Frank Sinatra, Sam Cooke,  Henry Kissenger, Ahmet  Ertegun, Seal, Money Miles,  Nicolette Sheridan, Gianni  Versace,Colonel Abrams,  James Brown, Snoop Dogg, Bobby Brown, HRH Prince Andrew, Freddie Mercury and more.

Steven Machat is an American entertainment attorney, a film producer, the author of five books, music publisher, and manager of entertainment talent, as well as an owner of Grammy nominated record labels. He has also taught and lectured at such prestigious universities as Oxford and Cambridge, in England, and at musical festivals and book fairs in more than 100 countries.

Machat was a 2018 Democratic candidate seeking election to the U.S. House to represent the 26th Congressional District of Florida. and a 2016 independent candidate who sought election to the U.S.Senate from Florida.

Machat represented among others, Electric Light Orchestra, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Ready for the World, Leonard Cohen, Phil Spector, Stacey Jackson, Snoop Dogg, New Edition and Bobby Brown.

Mr. Machat specializes in world music and amongst many has worked with Gilberto Gil, Rita Lee, Manu Dibango, Angelic Kidjo and his new release Dayramir Gonzales from Cuba who is up for three Grammys.

Machat’s recent label is Hippos in Tanks/Machat Records. This e created with his late son Barron Machat.

He produced Bird on a Wire, the documentary film of the Leonard Cohen 1972 European tour, and most recently produced the music and finished the postproduction of an award-winning Cuban movie called Nadia, as part of his Cuban exploration of 2017-18.

Machat supports environmental concerns, and has voiced criticism on the War on Drugs, immigration, and gun violence.  He is in favor of universal healthcare and universal education and supports the legalization of all drugs.

El INSOMNIO ESPIRITUAL de Steven Machat es un plan de juego para el gobierno del siglo XXI: poner a USTED, a su familia ya la comunidad a cargo de su felicidad y prosperidad. ¡”Insomnio espiritual” fue escrito para despertarnos! Este es el mantra que hace eco a lo largo de las palabras del autor Steven Machat. ¡Despierta! La acción es tan vital que la urgencia era ayer. La mayoría de nosotros no solo estamos físicamente dormidos, sino también espiritualmente dormidos, pero no el autor. Sufre, disfruta, perdura, o simplemente experimenta, insomnio espiritual. Machat siente que no nos importa lo suficiente nuestra condición humana.

Steven Machat, el optimista siempre pro-activo, nos dice que podemos hacerlo, que podemos salvarnos. El insomnio espiritual es más que una llamada de alarma; también es un empoderamiento edificante, una garantía de que tenemos lo necesario para despertar y lograr un cambio para nosotros mismos y para nuestra comunidad global.