The legendary producer has a solution to the Middle East

After working with Phil Collins and Leonard Cohen, he witnessed the heartbreak of Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, and even ran for

Congress and the Senate, Stephen Machat wants to use his power for the better. Even his son’s death did not let go of the Gospel: “There is one god and one love , When we understand this – we will stop fighting “

“I came to Israel to try to understand why religion is dividing us and making us enemies – we all have one God, we have to find a way to unite and be loved, not hate,” says music director and film producer Steven Mchat, one of the most prominent names in the music industry And the cinema, which has an impressive record of working with artists such as ELO, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Leonard Cohen, Snoop Dogg and many others.
“I have a lot of luck, I know, I have spent my years with many of the most talented and famous musicians, working with them and making films, running to the Congress and the Senate, traveling around the world and passing on my ideas to a huge audience of people through the books I write. I had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and be exposed to cultures and religions. “
It’s a very busy life. There are times when you say, “I wish I had a normal life, with work from nine to five and more free time”?
“I can not imagine a life in which I sit there, without traveling and without creating anything new, my pace of life is fast, and they are intensive, but I love life and love to live it like that. “He said.
The passion with which a chat is formulated and his full faith in his worldview may cause his words to pave the way for the hearts of the cynics and the most skeptical. But behind the tremendous optimism and tremendous joy of life, there is also a heartbreak.
“A few years ago my son was killed,” he tells of a chat about his son Baron, who died in a car accident in 2015. “My heart broke, I was very angry at God, I remember coming in after it happened, I turned to God and asked, ‘Why did you kill my son?'” God did not answer me, but my son appeared before me, Everything you write about God and love is true – you have to continue on this path. ‘”I said to him,’ Ben, you should not have died to tell me that. ‘Then he replied:’ I will be the spiritual force that will help you pick yourself up and continue Do what you do because I can not do it myself, go out and talk to people, teach them to believe in themselves and their abilities. “So that’s what I do, and everything I do is largely to his memory, for him and his name.”

We all have him

This is the second visit of a chat in Israel, which was also held last April. “I knew there was a part of my heart that belongs to Israel, of course I also visited Jerusalem, the city of peace.” When we disagree about the choice of words, he answers in a voice of confidence: “It will be a city of peace, if we all decide to choose the same God, we are all offspring of Abraham, we are all the same God, and we must stop seeing people in terms of ‘ We are “and” you. “There is one God, one love, and we are all chosen by God, and when we understand it, we will stop fighting each other.”
Peoples fight not only in the name of religion, but also on territory 
“I’m telling you something I learned from the music industry and the production field – if you can get people to come together for the good of all – there’s no dream that’s impossible … It’s like a musical composition that creates wonderful music together, but for that to happen, That they believe in God, but they do not observe the Ten Commandments, do not respect the world he created, they steal, covet, murderers, use the capitalist system to take from others what belongs to them. “
Capitalism is not the only characteristic of the Western political and social systems that irritates Machat, who has a full stomach for the American form of government and how elections are conducted. “A government that does not fulfill its role and is not here for the citizens, what justification is there for it, sows destruction and hatred here in the United States, you can choose between two options – to be Republican or to be democratic, but you can not just be with her. , And you must follow the example of the chosen leader. “

Slav is not a hero

On the phenomenon of celebrities who compete for public office or pretend to serve as ambassadors for one or another social purpose, he says: “Famous people do not have the extraordinary ability or skills to bring about positive change in the world. Many of the actors are far from being such – many superficial and shallow, embodying figures that exceed them many times.
“There’s a situation where celebrities feel they are better than other people – not because of some kind of heroism they did, or because they helped those who needed them, but simply because they are famous, they are no better than others – they may be more fortunate than others,
That’s it. they are not necessarily happier, really not. Michael Jackson , for example, is one of the most miserable people I’ve ever met who really knew how to be himself. Take for example the Whitney Houston  – she could not be what people have benefited from it Money wanted her to be – but she could not just be Whitney, people should love themselves to keep their eyes open and realize that celebrities are no better than And not have to carry them eye or envy them – all of us were created equal. “
Do not you think that celebrities should use their popularity to promote positive goals?

“I think we all need to use love and a better world to promote positive goals, and what the celebrities can do, with all their popularity, anyone can, my father was in the field, so I grew up around artists, and I can tell you for sure – Like you, like me and everyone else. ”

Spiritual Insomnia

His father is the well-known lawyer Marty Mchat, who represented a long line of artists and exposed his son from childhood to the music and entertainment industry. “My dad was the lawyer of the boxer Sugar Ray Robinson, who was the best of all, the fastest, he attracted a lot of people from the entertainment industry, who brought with them other bands and artists, I asked a lot of questions, interested and wanted to know about this world, My father would take me with him to meet artists, and I would ask them questions like, ‘How do you start creating?’ “And how did you become who you are today?” I learned from these encounters a lot, and also from my father, and I learned that I really have to believe in myself, that someone who does not believe in his ability to create, act and innovate – retires. “
On the different face of faith – both in God and in ourselves – he writes from Chat in his new book, which, he says, will be translated into Hebrew as well. The book deals with his personal experiences as well as his worldview regarding humanity, man and the community. In his view, people must unite and create communities that care for their members, not only on the basic level of existence and survival, but as a network of support and encouragement.
“I would like someone who reads my book Spiritual Insomnia – A Journey from Consciousness to come to the conclusion and understanding that we are able to build a community based on love,” he says. “I do music in many places in the world – some are places where there is no money, no abundance and no advanced technology, but you know what they have – a passion for life, a delight in this thing called ‘life.’ I took care of each other and I said to myself: ‘Wow, that’s a beautiful thing!’
“You know, we make such a division – America is the first world, Nigeria is a third world, maybe we need a second world – a world where there will be communities that support their members and at the same time allow them to be individuals, to be as they are, The children grow up and be who they dream of being. “
Everything is good and good when there is a roof over your head and I eat on the table. The rich and the seventy can contemplate dreams and self-fulfillment. There is an unimaginable number of people in the world who are preoccupied with daily survival, who are coping with hunger, poverty and the danger of life – how can we talk to them about being able to be anything they want to be?
“This is exactly where the community’s strength is expressed, in its ability to help the survival of all its members, and also in creating an emotional framework that encourages, gives hope.”
When you say this, people call you naive?
“Yes, and crazy.”